Book review: “Gentle & Lowly”

Dane C. Ortlund, Gentle & Lowly. Wheaton, IL: Crossway, 2020. Far too few books concentrate on the Lord Jesus’ attributes and His work on behalf of His people. Mining many gems from the Puritans, brother Ortlund offers a lucidly written and up to date book on our Lord’s beauties and glories. He writes from a […]

Simplified link to my youtube channel

I continue to add Bible teaching & Gospel preaching videos to my youtube channel. I have ongoing series on “Words of Wisdom From Mark,” “Romans,” “1 Peter,” & “1 Samuel,” as well as other messages on various portions of Scripture. The simplified link to my youtube channel is

Are you prepared?

  The coronavirus known as COVID-19 is causing widespread fear – well-nigh to panic in some places – causing people to empty shelves of hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and canned goods. A certain amount of caution in light of this dangerous illness is prudent, and preparing for emergencies is generally a wise course of action. […]

Book review: “Dear Skeptic Friend”

Jerry Mattix, Dear Skeptic Friend. Dubuque, IA: Emmaus International, 2019. 108 pp.; for ordering, see here: In the same vein as his previous book, Dear Muslim Friend (2014), veteran Christian worker Jerry Mattix’s book, Dear Skeptic Friend tackles some of the most frequent objections that secularists and other unbelievers often level at Christianity. Mr. […]

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