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Simplified link to my youtube channel

I continue to add Bible teaching & Gospel preaching videos to my youtube channel. I have ongoing series on “Words of Wisdom From Mark,” “Romans,” “1 Peter,” & “1 Samuel,” as well as other messages on various portions of Scripture. The simplified link to my youtube channel is

Book Review: Miles V. Van Pelt, ed., A Biblical-Theological Introduction to the Old Testament. Wheaton, IL: Crossway, 2016.

Disclaimer: I received a digital copy in kindle format from Crossway for review.   A Biblical-Theological Introduction to the Old Testament is the companion volume to Crossway’s A Biblical-Theological Introduction to the New Testament. This first volume is like an Old Testament Introduction, but it especially emphasizes the Christocentric redemptive-salvation theme of the Bible. It […]

Recommended resource: “Prepared for Glory” by David Gooding.

David W. Gooding, Prepared For Glory: A Myrtlefield HouseTranscript. Belfast, NI: Myrtlefield Trust, 2019. Transcript of messages from Vancouver, BC, Canada, April, 1991. Available to freely access on here. The Myrtlefield Trust people continue to do an outstanding job of furnishing the church with David W. Gooding’s Bible teaching on various subjects. Professionally, Prof. […]

History That Means Something

The newest issue of The Economist begins with an article on history’s practical uses for contemporary mankind. In seeking some unifying principle for humanity, the writer posits the possibility of using past events to bring people together and inspire progress. As the piece says: “When nothing seems to make sense, history becomes the supreme discipline. […]

The Burden-Bearing Church

“ When Joab saw that the front of the battle was against him before and behind, he chose of all the choice men of Israel, and put them in array against the Syrians: and the rest of the people he delivered into the hand of Abishai his brother, that he might put them in array […]