Recommended resource: “Prepared for Glory” by David Gooding.

David W. Gooding, Prepared For Glory: A Myrtlefield HouseTranscript. Belfast, NI: Myrtlefield Trust, 2019. Transcript of messages from Vancouver, BC, Canada, April, 1991. Available to freely access on here.

The Myrtlefield Trust people continue to do an outstanding job of furnishing the church with David W. Gooding’s Bible teaching on various subjects. Professionally, Prof. Gooding was a highly esteemed classicist who specialized in the Old Testament Greek translation known as the Septuagint (abbreviated, LXX.) He is the retired professor emeritus of Old Testament Greek from the Queen’s University, Belfast, N. Ireland. Before and after his retirement, he has devoted much of his time to Bible teaching in various parts of the world. Among his many available resources on are “Readable Talks” – professionally edited transcripts of messages or series of teaching on various parts of the Scriptures. Since the website is searchable, there is a wealth of spiritually helpful information available to help one to studying God’s Holy Word.

One of the newest additions to this library is “Prepared for Glory,” a series of talks on the animal sacrifices of Leviticus 1-7 and their spiritual significance. In his characteristically thorough and engaging way, brother Gooding links both testaments in a demonstration of God’s saving work through Christ and His Spirit that outfits born again believers for their eternal home with their Creator and Redeemer. He uses typology to unpack these truths in a memorable and understandable way. In the past, some teachers have abused typology and given it a bad name, but brother Gooding carefully links his assertions with explicit New Testament doctrine – thereby avoiding overly imaginative eisegesis (i.e. reading one’s own meaning into the text; it is the opposite of exegesis.) The effect gives one an appreciation of the fullness of the Bible in its perfections. The theme of the “Prepared for Glory” also fills one with wonder and gratitude at the Almighty’s all-wise and gracious plan of salvation. I commend this work to any student of God’s Word who wants to better understand holiness and our future glorification.

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