Book review: “Dear Skeptic Friend”

Jerry Mattix, Dear Skeptic Friend. Dubuque, IA: Emmaus International, 2019. 108 pp.; for ordering, see here:

In the same vein as his previous book, Dear Muslim Friend (2014), veteran Christian worker Jerry Mattix’s book, Dear Skeptic Friend tackles some of the most frequent objections that secularists and other unbelievers often level at Christianity. Mr. Mattix answers these arguments with philosophical, historical, and scientific evidence, always maintaining the core biblical teaching that undergirds all truth. His book addresses deep concepts such as the evidence for God’s existence, the Bible’s accuracy and authority, and the problem of evil; all the while, writing in clear and accessible language. High school and college-aged readers will undoubtedly find it helpful. What is more, believers of all ages will find this a useful resource in apologetics and witnessing. Written with unbelievers in mind, it is a practical and succinct tool to give to friends who have intellectual obstacles to belief in Christ. It cogently unites several of the ancient and modern defenses of the faith in a modern form that is understandable to contemporary people. I highly recommend it for personal study and evangelistic distribution.