Book review: John C. Lennox, Joseph: A Story of Love, Hate, Slavery, Power, and Forgiveness. Wheaton, IL: Crossway, 2019.

[Disclaimer: I received from Crossway a free copy of this book in pdf. for review purposes.]

  With his usual clarity and verve, the Oxford mathematician and Christian apologist, Dr. John Lennox has written an edifying exposition of Joseph’s life. His opening overview of Genesis is reason enough to acquire this book. His style is concise and lucid – and at times, warmly devotional – in tracing God’s dealings with Abraham and his seed. Like his excellent volume on Daniel, Against The Flow, Dr. Lennox brings the Old Testament to life, putting flesh on the bones of the narrative, while adhering closely to Scripture. He also demonstrates the parallels of Joseph’s difficulties – and Daniel’s, for that matter – with modern believers. Integrity at work, interpersonal relations, and the pain of family dysfunction are all dealt with in the course of the book. He crafts a compelling theodicy rooted in divine sovereignty and human responsibility from the tale of Joseph’s sufferings and the providentially arranged glory that he later enjoyed. The larger context of God’s plan for Israel and the world is repeatedly discussed.

  I highly recommend this book for any student of Genesis or for anyone who is going through trials in their life. It warms the heart, enlightens the understanding, and challenges us to stand for the Lord Jesus Christ in the rough and tumble struggles of this fallen world. It also encourages believers that God has a bigger plan that transcends the limited, naturalistic vision of contemporary mankind.