Guest Post by Rebekah Tidball: A Conversation Between Christian & Tolerance

An allegory.
Conversation Between Tolerance and Christian
Christian: Tolerance, I have some questions for you.
Tolerance: Dear Christian, I have been expecting you.
Christian: You have?
Tolerance: Of course. I knew you would come around sometime.
Christian: Well Tolerance, can you tell me why so many think us Christians are intolerant?
Tolerance: I’d be happy to. They think that because you are.
Christian: How can I become more tolerant then?
Tolerance: It’s quite simple really. And you will be accepted and loved by others if you just follow a few simple guidelines.
Christian: That doesn’t sound so bad.
Tolerance: Christian, it is wonderful. First of all, no more saying there is only one way to do things. People don’t like that. It’s offensive and intolerant.
Christian: But the Bible says…
Tolerance: Wait. That’s another thing right there. No more talk about the Bible. We’ve done well with our tolerance movement and have even convinced some Christians to get rid of their Bible’s and no longer read them even in church. The Bible is offensive, Christian, and it is not tolerant.
Christian: I see.
Tolerance: Yes. See my master has made sure that we have been successful in whispering in the ears of top leaders and politicians to make sure people are more tolerant overall. It’s the only right way.
Christian: And who is your master?
Tolerance: We’ll get into that later. To be more tolerant you need to stop telling people about sin and that they are wrong. It’s a chosen lifestyle. Not sin. Sin is way too harsh of a word. Christian, I only want the best for you. And using words like sin and wrong will not make you any friends.
Christian: I think…
Tolerance: Hold it. See, you need to stop with all the thinking. That’s where you get into trouble. Don’t think. As a matter of fact we have made sure that people are starting to stop thinking for themselves. Do you know there are even directions on how to eat a marshmallow? Look at the back of the bag. We will tell you what is o.k. and what is not o.k. A lifestyle choice is all right. What you want to believe and what you want to think is right and wrong and what works for you is officially in.
Christian: Seems broad.
Tolerance: Exactly. See, now you are getting it. Broaden your world views and be more open instead of being intolerant.
Christian: I think I understand.
Tolerance: Good. It doesn’t have to be major changes. Not at first. Take things slow and compromise little by little. You will feel enlightened and at peace.
Christian: I have a question, Tolerance. Why is it that we have to be tolerant of all beliefs and all people but no one wants to be tolerant of Christians?
Tolerance: See, there you go thinking again. The problem with Christians is they are intolerant. They think they know what is right and wrong and everyone is incorrect. Sad really.
Christian: But the Bible says…
Tolerance: Remember Christian, the Bible is not at all tolerant. You should get rid of yours. Quickly.
Christian: I’m getting this. I understand.
Tolerance: Good. I knew you would. People will like you and you will be accepted the more tolerant you become.
Christian: So to be more tolerant I need to accept all beliefs and stop thinking there is such a thing as right and wrong. I need to believe that everyone chooses for themselves what is right. How’s that?
Tolerance: My master would be pleased.
Christian: Who is this master you are talking about?
Tolerance: He has many names. Don’t worry about it.
Christian: O.k. so in addition to accepting all things I need to stop believing my Bible?
Tolerance: Absolutely. That Jesus character was above all people intolerant and look what happened to Him! You don’t want to be hated like he was do you? You don’t want to be killed or even jailed for intolerance, do you, dear Christian?
Christian: Hmm.
Tolerance: Seems like an easy answer to me.
Christian: So to be more tolerant I need to forget about Jesus and all He stood for. Forget right and wrong. And I need to compromise.
Tolerance: Compromise. Yes. I love that word.
Christian: I need to compromise my faith, my beliefs, and above all compromise on the Word of God?
Tolerance: Yes.
Christian: Seems to me, Tolerance, that telling me what I believe is wrong, by telling me the Bible is intolerant and offensive, by telling me I can’t say others are wrong and sinful and by telling me I must compromise; is well….intolerant.
Tolerance: Poor Christian, so deceived.
Christian: You never told me who your master is.
Tolerance: Let’s just say he is very powerful, he has the ear of many politicians and world leaders and thankfully even church leaders.
Christian: I think we are at a standstill, Tolerance, because I am just not willing to compromise here. You see I believe the Bible is the true Word of God. I believe being right doesn’t mean you’ll be liked or popular. I believe there is a right way and a wrong way.
Tolerance: You are intolerant, Christian. It’s displeasing.
Christian: Displeasing? To whom? Your master? I think I know who your master is, Tolerance, and I would be more than happy not to please him. In fact if being tolerant means pleasing him then I want to be the opposite.
Tolerance: People will not like you, Christian. We are working hard to make laws against you and your intolerance and we are working very hard to make these laws applicable even in your churches. We are watching what you do and what you say. Be assured, being intolerant will get you in hot water.
Christian: The more I talk to you the more I am o.k. with that.
Tolerance: You will be left to stand alone in your hard and intolerant beliefs…….…Christian, why are you smiling?
Christian: Because I know the uncompromised truth.
Tolerance: And what is that?
Christian: I never have to stand alone. If all the world forsakes me and decides I am too intolerant then I know I will not stand alone because God will always be with me.
Tolerance: So you say. I think it’s time for me to go. I have a busy schedule ahead. My master and I are always hard at work.
Christian: I have to go too. I have something important to do.
Tolerance: An appointment or something, Christian?
Christian: I need no appointment for where I am going. If what you say is true Tolerance then I am going to my knees.
Tolerance: Prayer you mean?
Christian: Yes.
Tolerance: Oh brother. That won’t do much. If you disagree with me that much then get out there and protest and make a fuss. Make a big spectacle of yourself and defend yourself!
Christian: No thanks. I don’t have to. When the time comes to defend myself, and it may come, then I trust that the Lord will speak through me.
Tolerance: I’m out of here. I have business to do.
Christian: Thank you, Tolerance, for your time. I’m going to my knees now.
Rebekah Tidball
March 16, 2010