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Unparalleled Love

In ordinary speech, “love” is commonly used in ways that run far afield from its actual meaning. These erroneous usages range from the banal (“I love burritos”) to the self-centered (“Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all.”) Yet the true meaning of love entails sacrifice: giving, not receiving; focusing on others, not […]

Finding The Love Of Your Life

Image found: http://visaodemenina.blogspot.com (via google images) In much of the western hemisphere, today, 14th of February, is Valentine’s Day – a commercially-driven, overly-sentimental excuse to give flowers, candy, greeting cards, and special dinners to one’s spouse/boy-friend/girl-friend, etc. Many people will experience disappointment today as they have no one to lavish these dainties upon them. Others will […]