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The Cure For Loneliness

The Cure For Loneliness By: Keith R. Keyser The recently deceased neuroscientist John Cacioppo was fascinated by loneliness. He spent much of his career studying its neurological and social implications. Ironically – but also happily – he met his wife, a fellow-scientist named Stephanie at a scientific conference. Her description of his work brought an […]

The Absurdity of Evolution, Illustrated From Daniel's University Experience (An excerpt from a readable talk by D.W. Gooding)

Commenting on Daniel’s rejection of Babylonian food (Daniel 1): “Many of the forces and objects that the Babylonians worshipped as gods were real enough. Their fault was, as Paul would put it, ‘they worshipped and served the creation rather than the Creator’ (Rom 1:25). Today atheists of one sort or another laugh at the ancient […]

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